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Kefalonia island

aristotelisapartments04Kefalonia is the largest island of the Ionian Sea which lies between the islands of Lefkada and Zakynthos and it is opposite the Corinthian Gulf. The blue- green seas, the beautiful and golden beaches, the unique caves, the archaeological sites, the historical monuments, the traditional villages with the charm and grandeur of the past, will be the dreamly vacation for you because this vacation combines mountain and sea, fun and tranquility, tradition and history.

In the island there is the great mountain range of Enos (the Big Mountain), which is the continuation of the Pindos mountains. The Mountain Ainos offers unique breathtaking views of the plains of the island, beautiful villages and the blue Ionian Sea.

The caves of the island, such as precipitous Mellisani, Agalaki, Saints Theodore, Zervati the drogkarati Cave, the cave Sakkou etc are of particular interest. Myrtos beach on the northwestern side of the island has been voted 11 times as the best Greek sea. It has been repeatedly described as the most beautiful beach of the Mediterranean and it has been included in the list of the most beautiful beaches of the planet. On the western side of the island and specifically at Paliki, one can visit the beaches Petanon and Platia Ammos. It is also worth visiting the mysterious sinks in Argostoli with theeir striking phenomenon of their waters.

aristotelisapartments02In 1953, a terrible earthquake almost destroyed the island, leaving "standing" only the northernmost part of the island, the peninsula of Erissou where the traditional village of Fiskardois situated.

A large number of tourists are visiting the island each year. The visitors increased after the filming of the movie: "The Captain Corelli's Mandolin" in 2001.

The island has two large monasteries. The first one is the monastery of St. Andrew Miliapidias, which is located in the current municipality of Leivathou and the other one is located in the center of the island, at the community of Omalou and it is dedicated to Agios Gerasimos, the patron of the island.

The appearance of snakes in the village Arginia and Markopoulos of Elio - Pronni municipality in the mid- August, is of special religious interest. The snakes, according to the tradition, are shown only in these days with the grace of Virgin Mary. The habitants of the two villages gather the harmless snakes in order to be touched by the faithful who visit the churches dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

The very well known archaeologist Spyridon Marinatos descends from the village of Kontogennadas Paliki. Marinatos became famous after the excavations in Santorin island. Another famous archaeologist who descends from Kothri Erissou is Panagis Kavadias who worked for the excavation of Ancient Epidaurus.

The cultural character of the island is influenced by the constant conquests and population changes, mainly influenced by the West and especially from neighboring Italy.

aristotelisapartments03Apart from Argostoli, other major towns and villages of particular historical interest which worth your visit are: the villages of Ikosimia, Elios, Pronnoi, Skala, Razakli, Poros, Pyrgi, Omala, Erissos, the Pali peninsula, Fiskardo, Sami and the island of Dias.

The beaches that are unique, magical, with wonderful golden, red or white sand, clear blue or green-emerald waters along the green slopes, and the sea breeze of the Ionian Sea, will enchant you! For Example: Antisamos, Trapezaki, Minies, Poros, Myrtos, Xi, Lepeda, Lourdas, Skala, Fiscardo, Megas Lakos, Petani, Makris / Platis Gialos, Avythos, Atheras, Lagadakia, Platia Ammos, Dafnoudi, Kateleios, Kaminia.

The island is ideal for summer and winter getaways, having for a bevy its natural beauty and the warm-hearted residents.

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